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10-16 July, 2020

with Swami Nityamuktananda and

Sabina Cesaroni



24-31 July, 2020

with Stoma (dr. Stephen Parker) and Ashutosh Sharma



Starts from 17 Jan, 2020

with Vilma and Vaidas


'Living consciously' practical workshop in Lithuania

10-16 July, 2020

with Swami Nityamuktananda and Sabina Cesaroni

SUBJECT:  What is Life? What is Consciousness?  How can we co-operate with consciousness expressing through us?  How to live more consciously?

We will explore and contemplate; then we will allow ourselves silent space.. to let it think deeply into us. Days of talks and reflections will glide over smoothly into three days of Silence.

25 % Discount until 01-06-2020
345 Eur (later 460 Eur) - hotel (all retreat)
293 Eur (later 390 Eur) - wooden house (all retreat)
158 Eur (later 210 Eur) - hotel (weekend)
128 Eur (later 170 Eur) - wooden house (weekend)


Swami nuotrauka is Kauno.jpg

Originally studied Theology her university studies soon expanded to Education, Psychology, Philosophy and Art and Design ( In fact she has never stopped studying and never stopped teaching Be it in colleges and universities in workshops and international conferences, in Yoga Institutes and ashrams or even on Silent Retreats etc At the centre of her studies and teachings always is the subject of  Self awareness’ In 1997 she was awarded a ‘World Peace Prize’ for contributions to World Peace ( NGO of UN) She is the founder member of the Council of European Grandmothers


Sabinos photo 1.jpg

Sabina - Renown dancer and actress performing in many famous theatres in Europe She is well known and celebrated as a performer of Sacred Dances (India - Europe). She teachers yoga, meditation, dance movement, choreography.
She lives in Florence, Italy.

SCHEDULE will be placed in the near future



24-31 July, 2020

with Stoma (dr. Stephen Parker) and

Ashutosh Sharma


This Silence Retreat will allow participants to find a deep silence and obtain deeper insights into oneself and the healing power of silence (in action, speech and thought). In addition, participants will be inspired by the presentations and workshops on specific methods for relaxation (hatha yoga, yoga nidra) and philosophies and practices of meditation for a better understanding of the process of silence.

Immerging oneself in Silence provides a window through which one witnesses with deepening awareness the nature of one’s own mind.  Over the days of the retreat, that awareness increases in subtlety and becomes finer and finer.

25 % Discount until 01-06-2020
428 Eur (later 570 Eur) - hotel (all retreat)
360 Eur (later 480 Eur) - wooden house (all retreat)
158 Eur (later 210 Eur) - hotel (weekend)
128 Eur (later 170 Eur) - wooden house (weekend)

SCHEDULE will be placed in the near future




Travel dates:

January 17-24, 2020

January 24-31, 2020

Welcome to the paradise of North Cyprus! We invite you to relax at Thalassa Beach Resort, set in the stunningly beautiful coastal area of Bafra, part of the Karpaz peninsula, with a fully equipped infrastructure: outdoor swimming pool, floodlit tennis court, gym, mini golf, beach volleyball and so on. This area is renowned for its natural beauty, glorious sandy beaches, clear blue Mediterranean waters and wide expanses of Olive Groves.


We also invite you to participate in the yoga program, which will be conducted by experienced yoga specialists Vilma and Vaidas Deksnys. Your body will be nourished with delicious, healthy and fresh local seasonal balanced vegetarian food, as well as Mediterranean delicacies. We will travel and admire the Northern Cyprus nature, historic castles, and visit the holy places. We‘ll live in 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, all with balconies or terraces with sea views. For those who wish for the extra cost to choose spacious apartments with a private pool or a Penthouse apartment with large roof top with Jacuzzi is welcomed.

Yoga classes (asanas, breathing exercises, meditation, lectures) will take 10 m from the sea shore on the terrace with a soothing sea view.

Price per person 689 €


  • Two persons in Studio apartment

  • Tree persons in 2 bedroom apartment

  • Four persons in 3 bedroom apartment

DISCOUNTS: 10-25% for 2 and more adults (+15 years) from family members; 30% for children (under 14 years)

What's included in the price?

  • Yoga Program (if optional)

  • Vegetarian food (breakfast and lunch)

  • 7 overnight stays

  • Group transfers to and from the airport

  • Mediterranean vegetarian cooking course

  • SPA head, face and neck massage procedure (40 min)

  • Tours (3 days)

What's not included in the price?

  • Airline tickets (possibility -

  • Additional taxable entertainment (e.g. outdoor tennis, etc.)

  • Car rental on request (we can order)

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